Meet the Team

Mike Blignaut

From as little as 6 years old, it has been my ambition to be a professional hunter. Spending nearly every weekend with my father and 'grand pa's' trusty .270 hunting for the pot. I got my first glimpse in the industry in 2002 whilst filming a lion hunt with a well known operator. Although, only getting my full license in 2014, the experience I have acquired since that very first hunt, will count for a lot. Seriousness, fun and enjoyment, is my motto. I have no particular favourite big game hunt, although, I love the challenge panthera pardus (leopard) gives.

Lindon Stanton

I grew up in the hunting industry, following in the footsteps of my father ( Charlie) and my older brother (Matt). I started my hunting career in late 99/early 2000, spending most of my time concentrating on leopard/ plains game hunts. From 2009 I have been hunting in the Zambezi Valley, doing mainly buffalo and leopard hunts with the occassional elephant. 

Chap Esterhuizen

Only just learning to crawl and seeing all these animals which my father hunted gave me a instant love for the profession. Having many relatives in the industry gave me heart palpitations . I left school and studied and qualified. Fully qualifying  in 2003 opened  doors for me to opportunity  and been hunting ever since. Any species is my love  for hunting.

Tinie Kok

I started off my safari career whilst accompanying my uncle Doug Kok during my free time where I developed a deep seeded passion for the African Bush.  From there I went under the tutorship of a  few of the legendary PH’s of Zimbabwe. My passion lies in elephant hunting  for me “there is nothing better than getting amongst these grey giants” I also guide photographic and fishing safaris.

Pierre Hundermark

Having grown up in the Midlands on a game farm, My passion for the African bush was as inherent to me as walking.I always knew I wanted to work in the wildlife industry. I qualified as a professional hunter in 2005 and since then have been guiding clients throughout Zimbabwe helping them to fulfil their African Hunting dreams. I have no favourite species to hunt but love to hunt them all.