First safari of the season for Chap Esterhuizen

First hunt of the season puts me at the Bulawayo airport with good friend and client from the States. Having been to Zimbabwe 6 times for all the big game we were now eliminating the odd species he has not taken. Thus safari would be for nyala and klipspringer. To be hunted south of Zimbabwe on the famous Bubye river. On a ranch thriving with plains game and a beautiful camp situated on to Bubye. It will be a five to six hour drive and awaiting us will be a well deserved ice cold beer.

An awesome drive into camp a brown hyena, leopard ,giraffe, zebra and impala were seen. Arriving in the dark and settling down with a cold beer and a great dinner. A good night sleep was in order.

#Chap #zimbabwe #Nyala #klipspringer #BubyeRiver #brownhyena #leopard #zebra #giraffe #impala

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