Day 1 with Chap on a ranch in Bubye

Photo 22-04-2015 08 16 02.jpg

Waking up to the sounds of the wild alarm was great - the cires of francolin and guinea fowl. We had a nice light breakfast and checked the rifle was on. It was still perfect.

A drive down the Bubye through all the green grass and shrubs was interesting seeing some kudu, zebra and female bushbuck. We decided to walk a bit and saw only female nyala.

Doing alot of walking and covering ground we saw a few nyala cows and a small bull. Just at dusk we received a radio call from camp that a big bull nyala had been seen close to the river. We raced there arriving a few minutes too late it was getting too dark to see and shoot.

Sitting at the fire with a cold beer in hand.

#Chap #francolin #guineafowl #Bubye #kudu #zebra #bushbuck #Nyala

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