Day 3 with Chap on a ranch in Bubye

Photo 27-04-2015 13 25 33.jpg

The wake up call came very quick and still being dark was chillier than normal. A visit to the dining room and off we were again after the Nyala bull. Still driving in the riverine with foggy windows next second there was a tap tap on the roof a few nyala cows then out of nowhere there was the one bull we were looking for. Getting out quick and putting up shooting sticks he sensed something and took off running. We tried following but due to the thick scrub he was gone. We walked and dove and saw a few bushbuck but we know where he likes to hang out.

We went back there and combed through the area later but nothing. I guess that is hunting. On a slow drive back to camp, Written (my tracker) spotted five different female bushbuck. Around a nice fire finishing off the day.

#Bubye #Nyala #bushbuck #Chap

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