Day 5 with Chap on a ranch in Bubye

Photo 22-04-2015 08 13 52.jpg

We got up normal time to go look for this elusive bugger. We drive to where we had been seeing him previously and walked. We saw him and the females and before I could put the sticks up they were in full flight. We tracked them for about two hours , they were clever. Running with the wind we gave up on them. Back to camp for an early lunch and pondering on a lunch time drive. We left at 1pm driving. Nearing a thicket with water we saw the nyala cows and a bull. We followed them for about twenty minutes until the bull made the fatal mistake of showing himself. One shot out of the winchester .375 worked. Huge smiles and alot of handshakes finished the nyala hunt.

Done skinning and in the brine solution, we took a small drive to look for bushbuck. Nothing was seen but an awesome sunset to finish a fantastic day.Tomorrow we will go see the great Zimbabwe ruins

#Bubye #Nyala #bushbuck #GreatZimbabweRuins #Chap

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