Day 7 with Chap on a ranch in Bubye

Photo 22-04-2015 08 14 08.jpg

We walked out of camp along the river with hopes of seeing a limpopo bushbuck. We hadn't walked far and spotted our first bushbuck female, no male was there. We walked for three hours with no male to be seen. Loads of kudu ,baboons and impala were sighted. We had some lunch and went the opposite way out of camp as the morning. The same species were seen including some waterbuck. Returning to camp to pack up and have dinner. Tomorrow we leaving this area to a new hunting camp to hunt a klipspringer. My client has been to Zimbabwe 6 times and never bagged a "klippy ".

#Chap #Bubye #Bushbuck #kudu #baboons #impala #waterbuck #klipspringer

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