Day 12 with Chap at Nehimba in Hwange National Park

Waking up at six and having a mug of coffee a game drive was in order. We drove to the Nehimba seeps which is in a huge open area and saw some fantastic old elephant bulls. We got close and took superb photographs. We continued our drive but never saw too much else as very early and water everywhere. Returning to camp for lunch a short siesta and afternoon drive was in order.

Once again we saw elephant and impala, kudu and giraffe. Making our way back to camp in the dark my client was shining his flashlight. Saw eyes and told me to back up. In the dull light I saw something sitting which my fist thought was hyena . Looking thought binoculars it was a leopard. I got out the spotlight and awesome pictures were shot. Back at camp the other guides were jealous . The first sighting of a leopard this year.

#Nehimba #Chap #HwangeNationalPark #elephant #kudu #impala #giraffe #hyena #leopard

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