Day 1 with Mike on Wape Ranch

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I awoke this morning to the pleasant chirping of the crested francolin, grabbed a mug of steaming coffee and proceeded towards the fire, where days thoughts and formulas started geling into one. After sighting in the rifle, a beautiful .375 H an H, model 70, topped with a leupold fixed 1,5 scope we set off. Our plan was start at the Mapale River, where we found fresh buffalo tracks and immediately began following. 35 minutes into our walk and the heavens opened up, just enough to send us scampering for cover. After the rain we continued.... We seen some nyala ewes and 4 young elephant bulls, before deciding to turn back to camp for some lunch, as the buffalo had crossed a road quite far away from the truck. The plan is to head out after lunch on another road hoping to intercept them or their tracks. We saw two leopard tracks aswell.

I awoke from midday siesta with excited of the pump maintenace guys reported that he'd seen a buffalo cow trailing the herd dragging a wire client quickly changed his mind an said thats the one he wanted and off we went. After about an hour of intense marching we heard the tell tale'gutteral' burps of the herd infront of us... The cow with the snare had joined them, this wasnt gonna be easy to find her as the bush here in Wape is very thick and the buffalo were moving everywhere. We weaved and diced in and around the herd to no avail.... Eventually darkness crept in and we radioed for the truck.... Tomorrows another day

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