Day 2 with Mike at Wape Ranch

Around 5am the pleasant aroma of bacon an eggs sizzling in the kitchen and coffee on the stove, stirred me outve a deep sleep. The plan today was to track the same heard with hopes of picking the track of the buff cow with the snare. We picked up tracks close to the Bubye river, the buff were heading west to slightly higher ground obviously to bed down. After about 2 hrs we caught the herd, and looked at about 20 cows and 3 bulls. The wind suddenly betrayed us, and the whole herd lept up and took off. We headed back for lunch. The plan for the afternoon was to continue with the herd, hoping to eventually find this particular cow with a snare on it. This we did but did not see the cow, just a lot of cows and calves. On the way home, we spotted 2 cows outside the boundary, we had too shoot them because of the foot an mouth zones here.

#Mike #WapeRanch #Buffalo #BubyeRiver

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