Day 1 with Lindon in West Nichelson

Photo 09-05-2015 14 52 49.jpg

We woke up at sunrise had a light breakfast then headed out to check on our baits that I had previously hung. The second bait we got to, our hopes were high as we could see the bait had been fed on, only to find out that it was a female leopard feeding. After checking the rest of the baits we managed to shoot two Impala and we hung those up to replace the rotting baits. After a delicious lunch we set out to find a zebra to add to our baits. After an hour or so we came across a herd of zebra,we made a stalk from about a mile away getting to within 100 yard. My client made a good shot and we recovered the zebra quickly

#Lindon #WestNichelson #impala #zebra

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