Day 1 with Chap at Rocky Glen (2nd Safari)

Photo 19-05-2015 12 25 40.jpg

The 6am wake up call came quick. A quick breakfast and off to the shooting range. 7mm mag was spot on at 100 yards. The 375 h+h took 3 shots and bang on.

We wanted three impala and a zebra quartered to make seven baits in total. As the abundance of game here thrived it wasn't long before the first impala fell to the 7mm. 30 mins later another was spotted, a quick stalk and he fell in his tracks. Checking out some old bait spots nothing revealed any sign of big tom leopards. Carrying on we saw more impala and got our third male down, now just a zebra. We drove around scouting the area for leopard tracks and we saw a herd of zebra. A hundred yard walk and the shooting sticks went up. Boom the 7mm went off and a zebra took off with one front leg hurting. It ran 75 yards and collapsed. We took pictures and loaded it and off we went to the skining shed.

On the day there we hung up one bait where a leopard had previously hit. While they skinned the zebra we hung up the two impala we had left. Returning to collect the zebra we realised we had run past lunch time so we had some crisp and a coke on the move. Finding a decent spot takes time so we only managed to get two up before nightfall. Returning to camouflage a hot shower a cold beer and a great meal..

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