Day 4 with Lindon in Mbalabala

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Like the other days we started off to another area of Mbalabala where I wanted to put some more baits, but halfway there I got a call from my tracker who was in west nichelson saying that a big male and female had fed on one of my baits, so my client and I decided to head straight for west nic and set up our blind.

The blind was all set up and ready by 1:30 pm. After a quick lunch we gathered our weapons and flashlights and walked into the blind about a mile and a half or so. We set the weapon up aimed at the bait then retired to our sleep in blind where we would wait for the cats to return. We were all set up by 4:30 now just to wait.

At 7 pm we could hear the deep grunting of the leopard not far from the bait he was mating. They lay 50 yards behind the bait for about forty five minutes before they walked in a started to feed the male first. Turning the rheostat up slowly I began to make out the leopard in the dim light after a few seconds I could clearly see that it was the male feeding and the female was laying a few yards to the left. I told my client that it was the male and he should shoot,a few seconds later the silence was broken by the sound of his .375 going off,the leopard jumped off the branch it was standing on then took off the female sneaked away after the shot. Walking back to our blindmy client said he was unsure of the shot,so we put our boots on an approached the bait very cautiously. Once at the bait we searched for over an hour looking for any traces of blood,nothing!!

I was very disappointed anyways we decided to call it a night and return in the morning to make 100% sure that the cat was not wounded.

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