Day 2 with Chap at Rocky Glen (2nd Safari)

Photo 19-05-2015 12 25 42.jpg

A knocking sound at the door disturbed my dream, it was already time to get up have some coffee and toast then go to check the five baits we had put up.

We checked the first and nothing had visited the second had been hit by a female. If you find the track it is considerably smaller than a male. The others had nothing either but two different female tracks and a monster male track were seen throughout the day.

Some lunch was had and we were off again to look for two more impala to shoot to hang. We hung one where we saw some tracks in a riverbed. The other we never got up we never found an adequate place. We drive back to camp to relax and talk of the day.

#Chap #RockyGlen #Leopard #impala

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