Day 5 with Lindon in West Nichelson

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Waking up at sunrise with the sound of baboons barking in the distance, we grabbed a cup of tea and a bite to eat then headed to out blind to check for any signs of the big cat. As we came down the road the trackers tapped on the roof and said the leopard tracks are on the road heading to another bait,we followed them about half a mile then they turned and headed straight to another one of my baits and had a good feed. The zebra bait was half eaten maybe thirty pounds of meat had been eaten by the cats.

We went back to our original blind just to make sure that they had not fed there aswell, they hadn't. We then went checked the weapon to make sure it was still shooting straight and it was.

After cutting a few poles and collecting bushes we returned to where they had fed and built our blind forty yards from the bait with a walk up to our sleep in blind. It took us about forty minutes to have everything set up the light,listening device, two blinds and the weapon. We walked out quietly as I suspect that the leopards would be sitting on a hill watching us, my plan is to walk in from a few miles away hoping the cats won't notice us. We will return at four thirty.Returning at four thirty we set the weapon up and waited.

After three hours we could hear the pair mating a few hundred metres away. The pair came into feed at about seven thirty but we were unable to get a shot. They fed a few times through the night but we were unable to get a shot.

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