Day 3 with Chap in Rocky Glen (2nd Safari)

Photo 19-05-2015 12 25 35.jpg

Waking up seems to be cooler every morning. Crisp and fresh.

As we drove out of camp about eight hundred yards we found a good male track in the road. This made us excited as we had a bait not too far away. We checked it and nothing had fed. We checked four more baits and found a young male had hit a bait. We put a motion camera there sign we can see exactly how big he is. The rest of the day was spent re dragging baits.

Evening came and being thirty minutes from camp we decided to try call in a hyena. Got to a good spot and near some hyena feeding. Within ten minutes one was there. We got a great shot in and bagged a big old male hyena.

Back to camp for a refreshing beer and good dinner

#Chap #RockyGlen #hyena

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