Day 8 with Lindon in Mbalabala

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Waking early we had a cup of tea and breakfast then headed out to try bag an impala bait for our leopard that had fed the day before. It didn't take us long to get an impala as soon as we loaded it up we headed straight to our bait site after a two hour drive we arrived to find that the male had indeed returned. We quickly got started building our blind after 35 minutes all was complete. I used a pop up blind on this cat as I was sure he was sitting on the hill watching us.

We returned at 4:30 and sat to wait for the cat. It was just after 7:30 when I heard the cat walk up to the bait and sit under the tree. It seemed to take forever to jump in the tree but was only a minute or two until he jumped in the tree and start to feed. I gave him a minute to get comfortable feeding and then slowly turned the rheostat up. Immediately I could see it looked like a decent male but I needed to make sure he was a male. Eventually he turned slightly and clearly saw his testicles and the word to my client to shoot. After a second or so the sound of his .375 shattered the silence and the cat jumped off the tree and disappeared into the jesse.

After radioing the trackers, we walked up to the baif to check for any signs of blood. It took a few minutes to find the blood but once we found the blood we could tell that the cat would be dead as it was pink and frothy. After several minutes inching slowly forward we the cat dead no more than 20 yards from the bait. Handskaes and high fives were given, we loaded up the leopard and headed back to camp in Mbalabala where we had celebratory drinks and much needed rest.

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