Day 9 with Chap in Rocky Glen (2nd Safari)

Photo 19-05-2015 12 25 53.jpg

Leaving camp around six thirty we saw a male leopard truck. We had one fresh bait close by so held thumbs and as luck would have it it fed.. All excited we went to go remove the blind and chairs and passing another bait it had also been hit by a huge male. We decided to go for gold and build a blind there. We built a nice blind and set up some remote control lights. Went and had lunch and left camp at 3.15 passing the other male we put a stealth cam there to see what info we can see.

We sat quietly and waited. It was windy not a good sign. At ten thirty we called the truck. Nothing came in. We went back to camp and had a light dinner.....

#Chap #RockyGlen #leopard

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