Day 10 with Chap in Rocky Glen (2nd Safari)

Photo 19-05-2015 12 25 37.jpg

With only a few hours sleep we were woken up at the normal time. We checked our first bait just out of camp and boom. The leopard had come and fed. two nights in a row. We decided to build a blind . Going to tear the other one down we brought with us all the poles we had previously used so there was minimal noise at the new bait sight.

Returning to camp for lunch and getting all prepared for the blind by four o'clock. Quiet as mice we read our books until 5.40pm. ears open and well alert we sat there in anticipation wondering if hrs would return. 6.08 we heard dassies complaining I looked through my binos and saw a leopard walk up to the bait. Turning up the rheostat lights I could see it was the male. Waiting for a perfect shot then the peaceful evening was broken by the bark and thud of my clients .375. He took if with a few grunts and it stopped twenty yards from the blind. The land rover came and as we drove around some rocks and there he was. Dead .. Hand shakes. high fives and cries of joy. All this hard work and a trophy of a lifetime.. Plenty of pictures and beers were taken and he was delivered to the skinning shed. What a night.

#Chap #leopard #RockyGlen

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