Day 11 with Chap in Rocky Glen( 2nd Safari)

Photo 20-05-2015 10 01 08.jpg

Today was a relaxing day with no wake up knock or anything, but still we woke up just at six as now our biological clock was set. we had breakfast at seven then sat around chatting and reviewing all the video that was captured of the shot.

We did our usual bait run and dropped all the baits removing the wire so it is not left laying around the bush. Having lunch and taking we needed a smaller animal to mount the leopard with. We drove around and found a big baboon. the 7mm shouted and we had an old male baboon with hardly any teeth left.

We waited for nightfall to come and were going to spotlight back to the camp passing some fields where there were bushpigs coming nightly.

We saw some eyes in the tall grass audit was a spotted genet. A shot from the 22mag and a nice big male genet fell. Back on the road impala were seen. We got close to the fields and instructed thabani who was driving to turn the lights off and I put on a red filter as animal are not as afraid of a red light. We went slowly and there they were. Six pigs were out. We shot the biggest and then another. The boar was the first we shot and second was a big sow. What an evening..

#Chap #RockyGlen #Bushpig #genetcat #impala

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