Day 12 with Chap in Rocky Glen (2nd Safari)

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Hearing the generator rumble as six thirty we got up had some breakfast and left camp with a packed lunch for the day. We were still after a kudu mainly.

With it being very hot, the animals were all in the shade under trees away from the roads. Written ( my tracker) saw one decent kudu and several herds of cows. Lunchtime arrived which put us at the ranch owners house. A beautiful setting of acres of lush green grass under shade. There is a fifty acre lake right there and we decided to catch some bass then go call hyena .

Catching some very nice six and seven pounders we left the dam at five to go get prepared for hyena calling. Driving there late we saw a very good kudu bull. The bang of the 375 went off and the bull dropped.

Ecstatic as this was our last evening and banging this old impressive bull was a really great way to finish it off. Delivering it to the skinning shed at dark we were going back to camp,shining a spotlight when we came across a grysbuck. It was a male. Using a shotgun my client took a shot and we had a shy grysbuck to add to our list. The skinner will not be sleeping early tonight. Getting really late and all tired we returned to camp for a delicious roast chicken.

Attached are pictures of the bushpigs from the night before

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