Day 4 with Mike at Tobo Tobo (2nd Safari)

Today found us, as usual, in pursuit of that perfect pachyderm (elephant). The moon is getting fuller now, and there is noticeably more movement. However these elephants seem to move alot further than their Zambezi Valley bretheren. As today we saw 2 bull tracks that would be worthy following, exit our area during the night into the adjacent Umgusa Forrestry Area. We did discover that they are browsing heavily on duiker berrys and false marula. The duiker berry, as told to me from the locals, looks like a small black pea, has a high protein value and their roots are eagerly eaten by our 4 ton loxodonta friends. They are also feasting upon the false marula fruits, roughly the size of a squash ball

#Mike #ToboTobo #elephant #UmgusaForrestryArea

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