Day 5 with Mike at Tobo Tobo (2nd Safari)

Photo 01-06-2015 18 03 12.jpg

After the usual early morning coffee and rusks, we set of to walk the whole Umgusa River to find tracks of these elusive pachyderms.

We found tracks of a group of 20 elephant bulls, the one in particular stood out for us so we decided to follow. Going was really easy, until it entered some really thick teak forrest. We did 360's around to try find his track. Teak wood, in Zimbabwe is a very sought after commodity, it is used in the manufacture of high quality furniture, and even railway sleeper. We eventually located his spoor, and continued to track. As lady luck so often does, she began throwing us curve balls, the bull slowly turned away and headed back towards the boundary and crossed before we could even see him. I radioed for the truck to pick us up, and off we went to check for further sign, and to check in on our leopard baits...we used my client's son's wildebeast, and a report of a leopard calling close to the baited area, has us anxiously awaiting the wake up call tomorrow morning.

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