Day 7 with Mike at Tobo Tobo (2nd Safari)

Photo 03-06-2015 18 40 22.jpg

Today was emotionally challenging. We picked up a lone bull track headed out of the forrestry area. Immediately we followed. After going some 4kms or so we heard the tell tail branches crackling in front of us, at about 0845hrs. Noticing that this bull, (not a really big track) was headed for the river, there is really only one place he would eventually come to.So a plan was hatched to leave his track and try to intercept him before he reached the river. This was done, and all well going well till at around 0907hrs we heard him approaching about 200yds to our left.Then.... The wind started up as it makes it way, westwards away from the sun..The thermals rise, the vultures begin their ascent into their daily routine soaring, and the stench of human sweat, dust and courtney boots, wafted straight into our 4 tonne pachyderm's elongated snout. Sending him, barrelling off like an unstoppable steam train..As if this wasnt enough, to end of the day, after our return to the vehicle, it was discovered that in my haste to stop to see the bull track,I knicked a stump, and one of my brand new tyres is kaput! Thank goodness for high lift jacks and castle lite...there was no leopard activity on bait either...... Tomorrows' definately another day

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