Day 8 with Mike at Tobo Tobo (2nd Safari)

Today we switched and headed to another camp in the Lupane area. It borders forestry's Amandudumela to the south, the iconic Gwaai river to the north /west and the Mbembesi river to the east. Gwaai river is unusual in Zimbabwe, (its source, a small spring,a mere 25kms west of my hometown Bulawayo) as it runs from south to northwest, eventually spilling, 365kms away into the mighty Zambezi Rriver 100kms downstream of Victoria falls. Anyhow, its a source of water that villagers and animals can not resist. We unloaded our gear and await the early morning wake up call tomorrow

#Mike #ToboTobo #Amandundumela #GwaaiRiver #ZambziRiver #VictoriaFalls

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