Day 1 with Mike in Matetsi (3rd Safari)

Photo 09-07-2015 14 34 33.jpg

After completing all nessescary paperwork , we set out on our day's hunt.After a while we picked 3 very fresh tracks, 1 bull and 2 cows with calves, the finger test (of checking the dung to see how warm it was) confirmed freshness. We loaded up our gear and headed out in pursuit. After about 1hr 35mins, we climbed a small rise and saw the elephants slowly feeding, towards some shade on an adjacent crest. We cut away in front of them, after making sure of the the wind, and allowed them to approach us. As they got to the shady tree, they in single file, shuffled past us at about 25yds. It was quite open so I could see well, and the bull, was very old... His left tusk worn down to a mere stump... Whilst his right tusk extended about 35 inches from his lip. I willed his left tusk to grow, but lady luck was not on my side today, and so we left them quitly shuffling past us. The rest of the day was spent driving looking for other tracks. Tomorrow will be another day

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