Day 3 with Mike in Matetsi

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We got an urgent message via sms, this morning from a local villager who was taking his kids to school, saying that he saw a lovely bull cross the main road. Off we set to hear his story. It was ofcourse true, and we set off after loading our back packs. We came across a natural salt lick, where we saw evidence the bull had visited here. The quick finger test into his dung confirmed he was no more than 30mins in front of us. So off we took, again... Quickening the pace, luck was on our side, today, the wind held out and we caught the bull feeding in some open scrub mopane. After carefully glassing him, I told my client he was in the mid thirties. Accepting with glee, we got into position quietly and quickly and I set the shooting sticks up, he was 20yds from us. I told my client too take him when he was ready, opting for the heart lung shot, I heard the safety click off. The 375 barked twice in quick succession, as our bull initially had no idea what was going on. He made his way straight towards us, veering to our right at ten yards, I snapped of a shot with my 458 and the bull colapsed backside first. Classic side brain shot. Cheers and joys of tribulations flowed, as my client was estatic. The rest of the day was spent recovering.

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