Day 1 with Lindon in Mbalabala (2nd Safari)

After picking upmy clients from Australia, we spent our first night at Mbalabala where we would plan on trying for a sable.

Rising early we had a good breakfast and tea then headed out for a morning drive. After a short while we decided to walk in some thick Jesse where I knew three sable Bulls lived. Ten mins into the walk we found there fresh tracks heading into the thick bush. We followed. Tracking was tough in the hard soil so we left the tracks and slowly crept through every now and then we would see their tracks. After about an hour or so we spotted them walking across to our left, we crept up a few meters I picked out the biggest bull there about 40".My client fired and the bull took of running I could see that the shot was high. These things happen. A little disappointed we walked back to the truck by now it was starting to get hot so we took a short drive then walked into a waterhole hoping to find sable or warthog drinking. As we approached the water I spotted some sable cows standing off to the side of the water. We stalked closer as we came over a small rise there was a big old bull drinking. Setting up the shooting sticks made a small noise and the bull started to move towards the cows then stopped and turned broadside. Boom my client's shot hit him behind the shoulder, the bull took off with the cows. We got to where we shot him and started filling him no blood to start with. After fifty meters we saw the bull standing under some trees gettingmy client into position for his second shot,boom and he collapsed. High fives all round took some lovely pictures then took the bull back to camp. After lunch we packed a few things and headed down to Mashura ( my other hunting camp in West Nichelson) where we will spend the rest of the safaris hunting plainsgame.

After arriving we took a short drive spotting some waterbuck, Impala and giraffe. Back at camp at dark, A few beers then bed ready for another beautiful day in Zimbabwe.

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