Chap's Day 2 in the Omay South (3rd Safari)

Lady luck was on our side. The bait had been hit. We went and checked the others and nothing so we returned to construct a blind. Finding a perfect spot 61 yards away we set up everything perfect.

Having lunch and a siesta we wanted to be inthe blind by 3.30 pm all quiet and relaxed.

Night fell and hyenas called.

At 6.40 hearing something on the listening device I started to turn on the rhreostat slowly. The leopard was eating and it was a male.. Two touches as instructed to the client and the silence was broken by a .375.. Falling straight out the tree stone dead. My client's leopard ginx was done after many safaris in Africa.

Back in camp a few drinks to celebrate the Mr spots. Tomorrow will be a relaxing day..

#Leopard #Chap #OmaySouth

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