Day 2 with Lindon in West Nichelson (2nd Safari)

After a cup of coffee and breakfast we headed just as the sun was rising seeing some Impala and waterbuck just outside camp. We drive up a ridge to get a view of the area and look for game. We spotted a herd of giraffe browsing in the distance. My other Australian client ( for ease of this blog we shall call Client 2) was after one we took off down the hill until we got to about a hundred yards or so, he took the shot the giraffe bolted off. A short follow up we found him standing another shot into him he took off again. After an hour or so we found him laying dead. After photos we spent two hours recovering all the meat and skin. The meat would be allocated to the workers and their families who work in the property as well as some meat going to the camp and some to baiting ( for honey badger). After a lovely lunch Client 1 and I took a walk up a granite hill looking for klipspringer. It wasn't long and we spotted a huge ram. A well placed shot and Client 1 bagged himself a beautiful klipspringer. After photos we hung a few baits for honeybadger and retuned to camp for a dinner fit for kings

#Giraffe #Lindon #WestNichelson #honeybadger #impala #klipspringer

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