Day 3 with Lindon in West Nichelson (2nd Safari)

Leaving camp before the sun was up our plan was to check our honeybadger baits then take a walk. We hadn't gone far and the trackers tapped in the roof and said there was bush pigs. Quickly Client 1 and I jumbled out the truck and took off after them, they were moving parallel to us. I spotted a gap in which they would cross setting the shooting sticks up for him, we waited for them to cross, they started crossing and my client took the shot hitting a big boar a little far back but enough to kill the old boy. After a few pictures we dropped him off at camp. We carried on checking out baits but nothing. We saw three eland Bulls with a group of cows a lovely kudu bull and several herds of Impala before returning to camp for lunch. After lunch we hung the bush pig up for bait where I had seen some civet cat tracks. We took a drive and saw another nice kudu bull aswell as some baboons and klipspringer. Then back to camp for some refreshments and a sable stew for dinner.

#Lindon #WestNichelson #honeybadger #Bushpig #eland #impala #kudu #baboon #klipspringer

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