Day 4 with Lindon in West Nichelson (2nd Safari)

Up before it was light had some breakfast then headed out to check on our baits, nothing had hit so we took a walk looking for a klipspringer for Client 2, we saw a pair but we were a little to slow as they took off up the hill. Back for lunch then off again at about two o'clock. We took another walk up a big granite hill where I had seen some klipspringer before. It wasn't long before the tracker spotted on moving behind some rocks. We slowly crept up to where we had last seen him moving fortunately for us we spotted him about fifty yards standing in some shade. My client took the shot he took off but didn't get far he had made a perfect shot and was very pleased with his magnificent trophy. On the way back Client 1 was able to shoot a lovely old duiker ram.

#duiker #WestNichelson #klipspringer #Lindon

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