Day 2 with Lindon in Mbalabala (3rd Safari)

An early start found us tracking sable again after spooking them twice,we left them and walked into a waterhole. After sitting for about twenty minutes we had over seventy Impala, twenty odd warthog,eland and zebra come and drink. After lunch we decided to track the sable Bulls that we had followed in the morning. After an hour or so we got onto the Bulls but just couldn't get a clear shot at the biggest bull. They moved off and we followed slowly and quietly until eventually we could see they were heading to a clearing. We quickly got in front of them and sat and waited. It wasn't long before the Bulls appeared. JMy client made a great shot on the bull hitting him just behind the shoulder followed by a shot in the rear as he ran off. After several pics we headed back to camp for a lovely dinner and a nice cold beer.

#sable #impala #warthog #Lindon #eland #zebra

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