Day 3 with Lindon in Mbalabala (3rd Safari)

Not long after leaving camp the trackers tapped in the roof and said there were tracks crossing the road. In closer inspection we found three Eland Bulls had crossed, they looked fresh so we decided to follow. After two hours of following we came across the Bulls standing in some thick bush sunning themselves in the early morning sun. They eventually moved on with us following. We kept behind them until they started feeding then moved ahead of them and waited for them to come to us. It wasn't long and we spotted them walking across a huge clearing. Setting the shooting sticks up my client took the shot hitting the bull in the chest with his .375. It never went far before crashing to the ground. After photos we packed up and headed down to our next camp Mashura ,where we would hunt for kudu and waterbuck

#Eland #Mbalabala #Lindon #Mashura

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