Day 5 with Lindon in West Nichelson (3rd Safari)

This morning we went straight to where we last saw blood. Following the bushbuck was very slow as there was not a lot of blood. We found two spots where he lay down during the night. After three hours of tracking we bumped him, he took off up a rocky outcrop, we followed as we came over a rise I took a shot at him as he ran over the next ridge - I missed!!! After another hour we bumped him again this time he went down the hill followed by some bush pigs. Once I got down there I saw him close and was able to get two quick shots into him and he was dead. After several pictures we dropped him off at camp for a full mount. After lunch we went searching for kudu. We did spot a good bull and chased him until dark without any luck, we did see him several times and at one stage we sat watching him from a hill but we ran out of light. Tomorrow is another day.

#Lindon #WestNichelson #bushbuck #kudu

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