Day 6 with Lindon in West Nichelson (3rd Safari)

After a light breakfast and tea we headed off in search of kudu and waterbuck. Climbing a hill found us looking at several cows and young bull kudu but no big Bulls. Seeing several shootable waterbuck but nothing in the 30" range. We took a short drive to the top of a grassy hill where we spotted five waterbuck Bulls one of them being well over thirty bee stalked them but only managed to look at the younger Bulls and never did get another look at the biggest bull. After lunch we took a drive in amongst some hills looking for kudu Bulls. We saw several cows and young Bulls. We came to an area where I had seen lots of sign big kudu and sure enough we saw a lovely old bull after a quick stalk my client fired, hitting him he took off but stopped after 50 yards he had another shot but missed and the bull took off. We followed blood for about four kilometers, the bull never once stopped he kept walking tracking was easy to start with as there was a lot of blood, soon it got dark and we had to leave the trail, to return in the morning.

#kudu #waterbuck #Lindon #WestNichelson

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