Mike's Fifth Safari of the Season - Omay Communal ( North)

PH – Mike Blignaut

Operator : Martin Pieters Safaris

Client: Rinat

This was Rinat’s third safari and our main purpose was to check baits and assist the other hunting party whose main animal was a leopard and elephant.

On the first day, we went and checked some of the baits that had been hung prior to Rinat’s arrival. We hung 3 new baits and refreshed and redragged.

I had seen some buffalo tracks in the Jonga River and decided to follow after checking all the other baits. We followed 2 dagga boys till it got too dark and the walked back to the truck. We never saw or bumped them.

The next day we went to go investigate villagers reports of huge elephant causing trouble amongst their green maize. It turned out to be a sub adult male, so we made our way to the western boundary and got a report that some buffalo had been seen in some jesse near a fishing village. We followed up and eventually saw a nice bull, which Rinat shot.

There after we went the next for a hyena. The moon was brightening every night. So after doing some long drags and finding an open area in the Mopane to bait. We set up our blind. It wasn’t long before their excited whooping calls betrayed their presence. Through my binoculars, I spotted one skulking in. Rinat was ready and as I switched my torch on he shot, the hyena leapt high into the air and Rinat fired a second shot for good measure. We approached cautiously, as I remember the terrifying charge I had 2 years ago when I took my son hunting. Lucky for us the hyena was dead.

Our hunt was over as the other hunting party had completed their hunt having gotten a nice leopard and elephant. The rest of the time was spent soaking up the scenery in the Zambezi Valley. We hope to see Rinat and his friend in the near future for another African adventure.

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