Mike’s Second Safari for 2016 – Skuinsdrift Rustenburg Area (South Africa)

PH – Mike Blignaut

Operator : Shaun Keeny Safaris

Client: Kevin

Kevin has always wanted to come to Africa to hunt plains game, in particular Blesbuck, Zebra and Warthog.

We started off his list with Blesbuck. Kevin shot this Blesbuck after we belly crawled up a broken damn wall to within 190 yards. Using the wall as a rest, Kevin squeezed off a shot and the Blesbuck fell instantly.

Kevin’s Zebra was spotted whilst we were heading back to camp. It was feeding in an open vlei. We got the wind right and stalked up to within 100 yards. I set the shooting sticks up and Kevin fired. It ran for another 30 yards before falling over.

Boar warthog, like the one Kevin shot usually move about later in the day. We waited patiently the whole day in a make shift blind. The warthog finally showed up at about 10 past 5 in the evening. Kevin shot him at 137 yards, we found him after 20 yards.

Kevin had a fantastic safari and promised to be back in the future.

#Warthog #Zebra #BLesbuck #SOuthAfrica

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