Mike’s Third Safari for 2016 – Skuinsdrift Rustenburg Area (South Africa)

PH – Mike Blignaut

Operator : Shaun Keeny Safaris

Client: Wally (Father) and Trevor (Son)

Weapons: Trevor - 30-06 and Wally is using a .300 WSM

This father and son team arrived for their first time in Africa for a plains game safari. Full of enthusiasm, we all set off to turn their African Hunting dream into a reality.

First off was a blesbuck, which Trevor shot at 75 yards, after we spotted him standing under an acacia tree. We had lunch and went out later in the afternoon.

We spotted a waterbuck bull walking through some tall grass towards a small bushy area. I quickly circled the bush, getting the wind right and after a few minutes, he emerge from this thick brush and stood and looked at us long enough for Trevor to shoot him perfectly through the heart.

It was Wally’s turn next and he took a fine sable, after we tracked him for a couple of hours, by now it was hot and we found him sheltering under a shady tree. I got Wally into position on the shooting sticks. He fired the shot and the sable went down after a short run.

The next day, we spotted a huge herd of black wildebeest in an open area of the concession. Stalking was impossible due to lack of any cover. Crawling on all fours, was especially arduous and after an hour and a half, we were finally within shooting distance. The wildebeest were aware of us, but not threatened. Whilst I was glassing the herd, the bull I had selected lay down, we waited for 2 hours for it to stand up. When it did, Wally was ready for it and he fired off a perfect shot which sent him tumbling to the ground. Handshakes and smiles all round after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting for it too move.

After spotting 2 impala rams rutting, Trevor shot one of them after we had carefully crept to within 18 yards of them. It was a clean shot on the shoulder and the impala went straight down.

After a brisk early morning walk along one of the many small streams in this area, we spotted a kudu bull sunning himself. Occasionally feeding on the small fruits of a buffalo thorn tree. After checking the wind, I instructed Trevor to shoot. The kudu bull was 112 yards away, after the shot, it bounded off seemingly unharmed. We soon found some blood spoor and tracked for a short distance where we found him lying dead. The kudu measured 52”, a really fantastic trophy for his first trip to Africa.

Shortly before lunch one day, we spotted a gemsbok feeding amongst some impala. As they were still some distance away, we quietly stalked them for a bit, getting as close to them as possible without them becoming aware of us. I set up the sticks and Trevor took aim. The shot rang out, the gemsbok fell over and then got up again. As it was running away, Trevor reloaded and shot it again. The gemsbok dropped instantly. It was a really good trophy for Trevor, who is only 11 years old especially since gemsbok are notoriously tough to kill.

As the safari was nearing an end, a zebra was still on the list for Trevor. With only 2 days to go, Trevor managed to bag himself a fine old mare.

On the final morning, an impressive Nyala presented itself. Trevor took the opportunity to add it to his now already growing list of African trophy animals.

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