Mike’s Fourth Safari for 2016 – Skuinsdrift Rustenburg Area (South Africa)

PH – Mike Blignaut

Operator : Shaun Keeny Safaris

Client: Jack

Jack arrived in South Africa on a cold, crisp winter morning in search of plains game. On his list was kudu, impala, wildebeest to name a few. Collecting his luggage, we headed off to our hunting area we settled in for the night. Eager to get started in the morning.

After zeroing our rifles, we headed off to see what we could find. We soon spotted a fine Kudu bull feeding on top of a small hill. I managed to get Jack into position and as the bull turned broadside Jack squeezed off the trigger. He shot the bull at 130 yards.

An impala was next on our list, Jack shot a 24,5” impala at 250m using a dead rest.

After being outsmarted for 2 days, we finally managed to bag a good zebra.

The wily wildebeest was next. After hearing them snort, we checked the wind and managed to stalk to within 60 yards of them. Jack took the shot and managed to bag himself a fine trophy.

Last on Jack’s list was a Nyala. He managed to shoot a respectable 28.5” nyala, after a quick walk and stalk.

We had a great time on this hunt and Jack left for home with fond memories of Africa and hankering to come back to Africa

#impala #kudu #zebra #nyala #wildebeest #SouthAfrica #Mike

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