Tinie's First Safari of the Season - Hwange Communal Area

Client: Jim

PH: Tinie Kok

Operator: Mbalabala Safaris

This was Jim and Tinies 4th safari together for elephant (trophy and non trophy Bulls ). After arriving at Sidinda camp in the Hwange communal area from Vic falls airport they set out checking rifles and information on elephant movement .

The first day was hectic with calls from villagers coming in about problem elephant . After checking the first info received they followed 12 Bulls from a banana grove . 3 hrs later they came upon them 2 Bulls had 40lb ivory the rest 20-25 lb . We turned them down as we were looking for an older bull .

Day 2 found us on the tracks of 6 Bulls that had crossed the Deka river after a couple hrs we caught them feeding in the riverine reeds . Again nothing was what we were looking for . We then checked further upstream of the Deka river and where we found some rather irate farmers who told us that the elephant had been destroying their crops and water pipes on a daily basis and wanted to know what we were going to do about it . We followed the tracks for an hour or so and came upon the Bulls again in some thick brush . Again there was nothing we wanted in this group . However I decided it best that we took a big bodied bull as a non trophy as I was certain the scouts would shoot one as PAC . I maneuvered Jim into position on the largest bodied bull and he did a side brain shot perfectly at 15 yds .

Day 3 found us looking for a trophy bull but again nothing in the 50lb mark could be found . The following day we drove the shoreline on the Zambezi and found a lone hippo bull . Jim had never taken one so after a quick lesson on shot placement we crept in and again a perfect frontal brain shot at 40 yds .

Day 6 found us on the Matetsi river following 3 big elephant Bulls . We got into some Jesse they were feeding in and slowly moved forward . 2 of the Bulls carried small ivory the 3rd a single tusker. Frustrated we marched back the the vehicle . That evening we decided that Jim would hunt croc .

The next 2 days we put up a couple baits and stalked a few until we found a good sized one . Jim did a great job anchoring him with a spine shot at 70 yds .

We hunted for bushbuck taking a great ram on the sidinda river and fished for vundu on our last day . All in all another great trip

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