Lindon,Chap and Mike - Family Hunt in Bishopstone

Area- Bishopstone Outfitter- Mbalabala safaris PH's- Lin Stanton & Chap Esterhuizen Hunters- Chris,Madeline,Russ and Dean Cameramen- Mike and Dean Chris and I had met a few years previously on safaris where he hunted a tuskless cow. Whilst at the Dallas Safaris Club earlier this year we chatted about booking a plains game safaris for himself and his daughter as well as his friend and his son. Chris and his daughter would hunt with myself and Russ and his son would hunt with Chap. Both would be looking for a variety of plains game and Russ also had the option to take a buffalo Having sighted in the rifles the previous day we were all up before sunrise we enjoyed a lovely breakfast then headed out for the day. Chap, Russ and Dean started off looking for buff and Chris, Madeline and myself would look for eland or kudu. After several hours of tracking the a buff, Chap and his team gave buff a rest for the day and shot a nice Impala ram. Myself and Madeline where able to get a steenbuck. The next day was the same tracking and walk and stalk Madeline was able to get a lovely old wildebeest bull as well as an Impala ram. That afternoon Chap,Russ and Dean got onto a huge old dagga boy and were able to put in a great stalk and a clean kill. The buff was huge 45,5" wide.

Over the next few days the two groups got to shoot several different species. Madeline got to shoot a beautiful zebra and a great bushbuck on the last evening to finish off her safaris. Russ and Dean managed to get a zebra each and a giraffe to finish off their safaris

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