Lindon's First Safari of 2018

Operator: Mbalabala Safaris

PH: Lindon Stanton

Area:Hwange Com

Client: Ben

Day one we spent the day going to my normal spots and asking villagers where elephant are moving. After speaking to several villagers we had found an area where two bulls had been raiding fields. A plan was made to get there early morning and track them.

The next morning we were on our way to the village and we spotted fresh elephant dung on the road. After checking the tracks we decided to follow as they were the two bulls that we had been looking for. We followed them for about 5 hours before we got a glimpse of them feeding in some very thick Jesse. We very cautiously crept forward until we were 12 paces from one. We could barely make out the arch for a did brain shot it was that thick. Ben picked a spot and the apprentice backed up on the shoulder. The bull went five yards and collapsed. After pictures we walked out and began cutting a road to get the vehicle as close as possible.

We spent the next few days doing some fishing and relaxing around camp. We managed to bag this lovely old hyena late one evening.

#Lindon #Elephant #Hyena

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